Korea people like spicy food?

                                                                Korea people like spicy food?

Red pepper

The photograph above is a red ripe peppers
Color is beautiful, but very spicy
Do you like spicy food?



배추 kimchi

Korea when people eat food that is good to eat kimchi
If you can not eat kimchi food is so very important
if you do not have kimchi I can not have a good meal..

And I’m even make kimchi various food
In our house made noodles are often the food is eaten
Those who like to eat spicy food made would be great

Recipe inform



Kimchi refrigerator that is kept separate
So I have a year-round edible

Remove the first one Kimchi




Cut easily with scissors or a knife to eat kimchi




Put the sause on noodles…
Pepper sause,sugar,vinegar,sesame oil is required




Place the noodles in boiling water in advance enought to eat Put
I’d like noodles sold in the supermarket and bring the wheat noodles




If the income side and remove the ripe noodles
It’s hot to be careful




Rinse the noodles in cold water several times
Why should wash cold noodles more delicious is that if




Kimchi spice mix and sprinkle over the noodles




Hand-rubbed spices and noodles will




Kimchi, the ‘Bibim noodles’ were finished voila
Bibim noodles and sour taste spicy,sour,sweet is often

If you enjoy eating spicy food make selection


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